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Huernia Confusa Lifesaver Plant

Huernia Confusa Lifesaver Plant
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One weird plant! Lifesaver-like blooms. A fairly fast growing succulent with finger like usually 4-sided stems with little soft spine like edges. Stems can grow quite long and multiples in a hanging pot make quite a dramatic plant. The feel hard flowers are produced with a vibrant deep maroon ring reminiscent of a wild cherry lifesaver. What an unusual plant for the patio or garden. Hard to Find!
 Your new plant comes very well established in the growers 2.7" Rnd. Pot with the growers soil mix (NOT BARE ROOT), neatly packaged, and only mildly trimmed before shipping.
 Tip: Its easy to grow beautiful rare tropicals and succulents. They generally require no more attention than the average houseplant. In colder climates simply bring indoors for the winter months and provide proper light and water.
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   Sun Light 75-95%   Outdoor Growing Zone 10-11b
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